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Kathleen Pace - Originally from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, I moved to Chapel Hill in 2005. I love living in the Triangle! 

I photograph weddings and portraits full time. I primarily shoot with two DSLR camera bodies and welcome requests for shooting a few rolls of film.  I offer film as an addition to digital negatives for those couples who want to go retro:) 

Much of my photography is taken in nature, I love outdoor and natural light photography above all other styles it speaks to me the most.  Many couples that hire me have outdoor weddings or a combination of indoor-outdoor.  The couples that are attracted to my work don't want to look posed, they want a more organic feel and want their chemistry to show through. If I am being honest, the couples that I want to photograph are the couples that are not shy about showing their sexy side. In my world, it's Ok to give a little tongue, own your hotness and have fun with the experience. 

My favorite venues so far are The Bradford, NCMA, High Grove Estates, and The Harvest House. I have also loved the many garden weddings ( Duke & UNC, among them )  I have photographed!  I look forward to photographing UNC's Forrest Theater in 2018!  Truly an ethereal place! 

I shoot weddings solo, sometimes with a 2nd shooter ( that is carefully chosen )  or as a team with my daughter Amelya, she attends Chapel Hill School now and is a great help to me creatively.  I get to share a part of what I do, and she gets to see who I am outside of our home, and I really love that!  We enjoy taking in all the excitement and emotion of the day!  I tear up when I see parents get emotional, and she feels the emotions when she sees the BFF's give their toasts. It's difficult to put into words but being a witness to so much love really impacts my life and now that I get to share this experience with my daughter, it makes me feel so grateful. We love shooting weddings together! I have so many favorite parts that I enjoy photographing, but lately, I am LOVING the receptions!  Everyone is so relaxed and full of positive enthusiasm during the reception, It's a lot of fun to photograph! 

I'm a creative spirit, liberal in my views and welcome the opportunity to photograph any couple of any race, religion or sexual orientation. 

My approach is different from many photographers, I am not just another vendor giving them cookie cutter images. I am fully invested in my couples whether they book 6 months or 15 months out.  It sounds cliche but by the time the wedding day happens I feel like a friend.  I am fortunate to attract really cool clients that are laid back and just want to have a blast with me.  








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