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Kathleen Pace - Originally from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, I moved to Chapel Hill in 2005. I love living in the Triangle! 

All Photographers say the same thing,   "I was born with a camera in my hand, I see beauty in everything, I am an artist." There is truth in that, but that isn't going to help you decide on the best photographer for you. 

The truth is there are a million photographers out there and it's really difficult for couples to tell the difference between them. So how should couples select a photographer?  

It comes down to what you feel when you look at their photos? Does a smile creep across your face when you view their portfolio? Or do you feel bored and nothing is jumping out at you?  

I suggest you choose based on if you can relate and feel something with their images. I personally love to photograph real emotions and love couples that have no trouble expressing themselves with each other and in front of me:)  

My goal is always to create images that show the chemistry of the couple. Sometimes their chemistry is so joyful and happy, other times it's playful and a little goofy, once in a while it's really hot and steamy, my personal favorite is all of the above on the same day! 

I photograph weddings and portraits full time so that means I can shoot your Friday night wedding!  I shoot with two Canon DSLR camera bodies ( Canon 5D Mark III, and 6D )  I love prime lenses, but also rely on my 1 zoom lens that takes gorgeous photos! 

Much of my photography is taken in nature, I love outdoor and natural light photography above all other styles it speaks to me the most.  Many couples that hire me have outdoor weddings or a combination of indoor-outdoor.  The couples that are attracted to my work don't want to look posed, they want a more organic feel and want their chemistry to show through.

Since I am a Chapel Hill Wedding Photographer I seem to attract a lot of Intellectual Millennials that do not walk the "traditional" path. Many of them like to add unique elements to their celebration. They are typically laid-back and take a hands-off approach to the photography aspects allowing me to feel empowered creatively. Most do first looks because they like the idea of having a moment to themselves, and some like the idea of doing a blindfolded first look where the groom stays blindfolded and never actually sees them! Very sexy! I have the coolest clients ever!                             




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