Kathleen Pace - Originally from Pennsylvania, I moved to Chapel Hill in 2005. I love living in the Triangle! 

I photograph weddings and portraits full time. Most weddings I shoot as a team with my daughter Amelya. She assists me with off camera flash and is really rockin' it as a 2nd shooter!  Shooting weddings together is a dream come true for me! I get to share a part of what I do, and she gets to see who I am outside of our home, and I really love that!  We enjoy taking in all the excitement and emotion of the day!  I cry when I see parents get emotional, and she feels the emotions when she sees the BFF's give their toasts. Its difficult to put into words but being a witness to so much love really impacts my life and now that I get to share this experience with my daughter, it makes me feel so grateful. We love shooting weddings together! I have so many favorite parts that I enjoy photographing, but lately its been the reception because I LOVE the great music and their is nothing like one big dancing family! 

I'm a creative spirit, liberal in my views and welcome the opportunity to photograph any couple of any race, religion or sexual orientation. 

My approach is to create a fun experience for my couples so they can allow their true selves to come through in the images. I have clear intentions about what kind of images I want to create, and I do my best work when couples allow enough time to take photos. Here are my thoughts on timing.

Timing is important so I create a visual time line for all of my couples, I am happy to share an example with you. 

Wedding party photos of the bride and her girls & the groom and his guys can all be done before the ceremony during the "getting ready" time. The wedding party all together can be done very quickly after the ceremony. 

I encourage the first look because it helps to get the photos most couples want, and gives them a moment of privacy. Couples should allow an entire hour devoted just for them. An hour may sound like a long time but it goes quickly when you are walking around the venue finding various backdrops. This time with the couple also includes a few groom & bridal shots. It is best to be able to walk freely without the fear of guests seeing you before the ceremony. So timing is important for the most relaxed vibe during this time. 

After the ceremony is a great time to get all the family photos complete followed by the entire wedding party. The Family takes 20 - 30 minutes, and the Wedding Party 10 - 15 minutes, it depends on the size of the family and wedding party. 

The cocktail hour is in progress after the ceremony, during the time that family photos and wedding party photos are taking place. Most times I finish photos and everyone gets to enjoy some of the cocktail hour. 

If the first look is off the table?  That's totally cool, and I am a traditional gal at heart. However, that means that all photos must be taken after the ceremony. That's a lot of photos and the time would be condensed to get you to the "formal entrance". So here is what that would look like...


No First Look - After Ceremony/ during cocktail hour

  • Bride & Groom after ceremony - 30 - 40 min
  • Wedding Party after ceremony - 10-15 min
  • Family after ceremony - 15 min
  • Spill over - Family pics during reception/dinner


VS. Doing a First Look

  • B & G before ceremony - 1 Hr
  • Family - after ceremony/during cocktails - 30 min
  • Wedding Party - after ceremony/ during cocktails - 15 - 20 min






 Photo by my friend Cindy

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