"I provide a personalized photography experience for couples and families. My style blends photojournalism with a touch of romance that communicates a story or idea. I work with clients that want to tell their own personal story and allow me to help them convey authenticity so their images will evoke feeling from whomever sees them."


My clients would describe me as bubbly, energetic, authentic and really fun to work with. Most of my clients are quite shy in front of the camera and I have a way of bringing out their inner model and making the picture process totally natural. That part of my job as a photographer has become incredibly satisfying.

I am a wife, and mama to Amelia. I am a yogi, hiker, gardener, avid goal setter and cook book collector. 

I am in love with the sun and clouds and the way light changes through each day and season. My best work is done on a sunny day. I delight in the use the of natural light to illuminate my couples.