Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you have a question? Ask me! I love questions! 

How long have you been shooting? 

I started shooting portraits and weddings in 2009.  

How do you make couples feel comfortable in front of the camera? 

I want every couples images to translate very naturally and truly reflect who they are as a couple. I avoid overly contrived posing that looks cheesy and not authentic to who they really are to each other. 

It is my hope that every couple that chooses me can feel free to be goofy and also show their passion and affection for their spouse. " Just ignore the girl behind the lens and be in your moment and get lost in each others eyes. "  I say that to all my couples! Giving them permission to be in the moment really helps.

What is your style?

Clean and natural, not over edited. My style continues to evolve so I always find it difficult  answering that question. It's hard to look at my own work and label the style. However, I have favored outdoor weddings so I can work with the sunlight, so venues that are shot exclusively indoors don't appeal to me. 

I love shooting with my off camera flash in broad daylight! Since I shoot into the sun a lot I have to expose for the face, and doing that with flash (off camera) has brought more detention to my portraits. The skin glows, and there is a natural but distinct separation from the background. I love that!

What is your educational background in photography?

I studied photography in a 3 week immersion course in England during my college days. I was using film back then so once I went digital I began to self teach myself digital, and how to use Lightroom & Photo Shop.

I have a BS in Exercise Science from East Stroudsburg University

Why do you shoot weddings? 

Weddings are full of beautiful photo opportunities! I love doing portraits, so shooting bridal and the bride and groom together are my favorite part! Weddings have every kind of photography so it is an amazing opportunity for me to fine tune my craft. I can be creative and shoot details as a still life, I can shoot the bride like she is a fashion model (my fav.) and I get emotional images that convey the best feelings! Happiness!  It's fun for me to be a apart of all these big celebrations. It also serves as a constant reminder that I chose the right man almost 20 years ago, and like these couples we were madly in love, and believe it or not we still are, I feel lucky.

Do you teach classes or workshops?

Yes! I just started teaching workshops. I take a creative approach to teaching. I don't want to waste valuable time so I get right to it! You want to know how to shoot a specific image ( from my portfolio)?  I will show you exactly how I did it. 

Will you travel to shoot a wedding? 

I do love my local weddings! But of course I would travel, that would be a great opportunity!  In addition to a wedding package quote, there would be extra costs added for travel and accommodations. 

What's in your camera bag? 

That is always changing. My first year of shooting I shot with a Rebel xs and a 50mm 1.8!  Times have changed and I have grown in my craft:)  I have more then 2 camera's but these are my main bodies I use. 

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 6D 

Canon 5D 

Canon 1V - Film Camera - " Introduced in 2000 as a professional camera designed for professionals back when we still had professional photographers, it has only what it needs, and isn't trashed-out with junk features for online hobbyists. This camera is designed for serious shooters, not for feature hounds. The EOS-1V gets the job done fast, letting the pro get on to his next paying gig."

All canon lenses - I have shot with Sigma & Tamron and they are very good, but right now I only have Canon. 

50 mm 1.4 

135 f2 L  - not easy to shoot because of the focal point & weight.But the results are amazing!  Well worth it. I should use it more then I do!

24-70 f2.8 L II - this is the work horse & top lens for most professional wedding photographers. It is my primary shooter because it has all the focal points I need and is sharp & fast! Love it! 

Canon 600 EX-RT Speed Light & Transmitter - this was a life changer for me! For so many years I have wondered what to buy for lighting up weddings. I couldn't get a straight answer from anyone! I am happy I waited for the new 600 flash that uses a transmitter to trigger the flash. It is a wonderful portable system that gives me amazing results.  

Canon 430 EX flash