My Style & Process

(if you are serious about me, please read. If you aren't then read and you will be)

         We can meet up before or after you sign your contract.  All payments are taken on line, all major credit cards accepted.

  1. After signing your contract a questionnaire will soon follow.
  2. The questionnaire covers everything I need to know about the kind of photos you want and allows you to upload images that you would like me to emulate. ( I bring this to your wedding, hard copy and pics on my iphone )
  3. The questionnaire also covers your time line so it's important for me to connect with your planner so we can work together to build a smooth schedule that allows for picture time:) 
  4. I like to meet up at the venue within 2 months of your wedding to get a visual of the space, and where we will be shooting planned photos. I can do this alone if your schedule does not allow. If I have shot your venue previously, we probably can skip this step and just go out for drinks;) 
  5. I shoot a lot of frames! You can expect to get 100 images per hour in your gallery, sometimes more.
  6. Your gallery will be up the week after your wedding with a small preview, and will be delivered complete in 4 to 6 weeks.
  7. All images are shot RAW and edited in a clean natural style that is timeless. 
  8. My primary camera is a Canon 5D Mark III and uses two memory cards to back up your images. My cards are formatted before every wedding, and my gear is checked thoroughly. I work with two camera bodies and I have amazing lenses! 
  9. Low lighting - I am prepared to shoot your reception or church wedding in low light. I have multiple flashes to light you up. I also have excellent lenses that are the best in low light, so if your church Pastor says no to flash, it's Ok. I can handle it.
  10. I listen - I want to know what photos are most important to you! 
  11. I give you direction through the photo process. I always give direction, but sometimes I quietly step back as I see more 'candid" moments unfold. 
  12. The creative process is collaborative. Some creativity is preplanned, some on the fly,  and some may be in Adobe Photo Shop.
  13. Creative shots can be tricky with such a tight schedule so it's important to plan ahead. Here are some things I think about before shooting your wedding. 

  • Details - I usually shoot all details upon arrival and ask that all details be gathered ( shoes, rings, flowers, invitations) and ready to go. This includes hanging the dress with a nice hanger if a dress shot is wanted. Some venues have hooks in place to hang the dress easily.
  • The First look is a creative set up that allows you to see each other for the 1st time with no onlookers ( or very few ). 
  • Are you a shy couple that likes to keep "posing" more casual? Or would you like images with a little more romance &  intimacy
  • Are you open to holding an animal or being in a field with sheep, chickens or goats? (I won't bring any animals. lol, this is only if it applies to your venue)
  • Would you like to do a lying in the grass shot? How about sitting in a tree? ( I'm not ganna lie, So far no one has been open to this idea, but Pintrest makes it look like it's a popular pose. lol!  )  I'm up for the adventure and making this kind of posing work! 
  • Would your groom feel comfortable with scooping you up, spinning you a round in a "bear hug" or having you sit on his lap?
  • Wedding party shots - I admit I take a traditional approach with the wedding party, mostly because the schedule is usually pretty tight. That being said, I am happy to brain storm ideas with you based on what you think will work with your group. 
  • Special Effects! Here's what I can do. Extra sparkle for your sparkler exit pics, Falling leaves for Autumnal weddings, Dinosaurs chasing your wedding party, a shark jumping out of a pond, forest animals surrounding you like your a Disney Princess, rainbows, clouds and unicorns. I also take requests. 
  • Family photos are typically taken right after the ceremony and take about 20 minutes. These photos are well organized as I like to work quickly getting both the bride and grooms side of the family and everyone together if you wish. 
  • Family photos during the reception can be taken by table if requested, or you may request a list of family and friends that were not in the immediate family line up post ceremony photos. I would round up the troops as the reception is happening, and sometimes I enlist the help of the DJ to call people to the floor for a fun group photo. 
  • Candid Photos fall under the category of creative photos. I love watching for special opportunities and capturing moments that are so special but fleeting. So I am always ready and watching! 


I hope this gives you an idea of what hiring me would look like.  My goal is to make the photo process smooth, easy, creative and fun! Many couples like the idea of candid photos, but I think they also love the idea of having a good photographer give direction and create poses that look natural with a touch of spontaneity. I can make that happen for you! 


Your devoted photographer,